Cornhole Rules

Cornhole is similar to horseshoes except you use wooden boxes called cornhole platforms and corn bags instead of horseshoes and metal stakes. Players take turns pitching their corn bags at the cornhole platform until a contestant reaches the score of 21 points. A corn bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. Build your own boards
Here is a great link if you want to build your own boards:


Thanks Wikpedia for these great definitions! The following is a list of terms commonly used in a cornhole game:
Ace or cow pie
A bag lands on the board, which is worth one point.

A bag that lands directly in the hole without making any contact with other areas of the board. Sometimes referred to as "swishing".

Back door
A cornhole that goes over the top of a blocker and into the hole.

A bag that lands past the cornhole but remains on the board creating a backboard for a slider to knock into without going off the board.

Chances Double
Players call out "Chances double," when an opposing player achieves a cornhole, alluding to the impression that the next player often throws a cornhole in response to the challenge. "Chances Double" is a form of Gambler's fallacy.

When players or teams cannot agree on the scoring of a given inning.

An ace that lands in front of the hole, essentially blocking the hole from sliders.

Cornhole or
A bag falls in the hole, which is worth three points. The alternative name is a reference to a trademark, that of a sink clog clearing product.

Dirty bag
A bag that is on the ground or is hanging off the board touching the ground.

Dirty roll up
A point scored when the bag hits the ground before landing on the board.

A frame consists of both players throwing their 4 bags. After each player has thrown 4 bags, the score is calculated and a new frame begins. Sometimes referred to as "corn row".

When a player makes all four bags into the hole during his or her turn. Can also be deemed in fractions : quarter Galbraith, half Galbraith, and three quarter Galbraith.

Gusher or double deuce or Catorce
Four cornholes by a single player in a single round.

When a Slider or Swish is executed and then your opponent immediately evens the score by doing the same thing. Also known as a One-Upper.

Hanger or Shook
An ace on the lip of the hole ready to drop.

The team who tosses first, resulting from the team scoring last.

A bag hitting the board and hooking or curving around a blocker and going in the hole.

A bag that strikes another bag on the board causing it to jump up into the cornhole.

When a player attains all four bags onto the board without getting any into the hole.

The cornhole referee.

Power Wash
A round in which all four bags from each opposing player land on the board, causing the round score to be zero, a wash.

Pressure Cooker
When both players on one end continually negate each others scores thus creating a very tense situation. Also if flatulence is introduced prior to an opponents turn.

A toss that is thrown too weakly and lands on the ground before reaching the board.

When a player pitches a bag and it strikes an opposing players bag knocking it off the board.

Skunk or whitewash, shutout
A game that, by some rules, ends in an 11-0 score.

A cornhole that slides into the hole.

A bag that goes directly in the hole without touching the board. Sometimes this is also referred to as "air-mail".

Wash or Laundry
When the scores of a single round amount to zero, the round is called a wash.

Woody A bag that lands on the surface of the board, which is worth 1 point. Sometimes referred to as "ace" or "cow pie".